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How To Start A Online Business In Dubai

With almost partial population of the world expected to turn into online users by the year of 2016 the economy of internet is also set to bring companies with a significant source of development.

Dubai has effectively made lots of efforts to become the e-commerce hub.  It is being additionally fueled by the growth of many emerging markets, as well as the development of social media.  The SMEs are increasingly championing the online platform, using this resource for sales, marketing, and interactions with both suppliers and customers.

In the Middle East region, the effective web is no minimal dramatic. For instance, 42% of UAE buyers accessed the internet platform for buying things online in the year of 2012, up from 33% in 2010 based on the survey conducted by MasterCard.

The online business trends in Dubai are no diverse.  The new players are also setting their business in this destination.

PayPal is actually coming in a big in GCC. In reality, according to the Arab Advisers Group, the overall value of online based transactions is roughly about $11 billion per year in the Middle East region. With the development of broadband in this region and growth in logistics, transaction security, technology speed and payment execution, Dubai expects the internet space to persist to flourish.

Distributing and building a successful brand online is about effective addressing the behaviors of the evolving buyer base.

For the buyer, few things remain equivalent regardless of if the conversation is completely about offline or online retail. Still, consumers want to purchase trendy goods at attractive costs, still they value excellent services, as well as they continue desire brands which understand the interests of their life.

Increasingly, buyers are making a final purchase via an array of offline and online experiences.  Online, customers share details, validate the choice of friends, learn, research and create a viewpoint.   Offline, consumers frequently look at as well as feel the things, comparing them with some other brands.

It is an excellent blend of the experiences which drives the people to her or his final buying decisions as well as brands of future should take them into consideration. Discovering the best strategy for offline dynamic versus online will be a key to the success of many online business and future brands.


If you want to create an online business, you will require a valid license from DED (Department of Economic Development)

For setting up a business in the free zone, you need to acquire licence from relevant authority of free zone

The kind of license offered with based on the activity of your internet business

Office space

Based on the type of your business, you can consider creating a physical business space. The dubai based business must have the office space to be thought legal.

Develop a website

If you want to set up your online business, you require preparing a website.  Here are the important steps to take while launching your online presence as follow:

Register your domain name

You will require choosing as well as registering your domain name

It is an address or name you use for the business website

Many companies in the UAE provide domain name registration assistance or service.   If you want to get the reliable services, you can find the best company online.   When you decide to launch an internet shopping portal, you can consider some additional aspects including:

Internet payment gateways

If you sell products online, you require setting safe payment gateway facilities that include cash on delivery, pre-paid card system, and credit card payment like PayPal.

Export/Import requirements

If you import goods from outside the nation and selling the products online to the market of UAE, you have to register with the ports and customs authority of emirate and receive the importer’s code.  The customs duty is always applicable to products being imported.

If you are established within the free zone, you are exempt from the customs duties. By using this facility, you can sell your services or products both outside the nation and within a free zone. Though, if you sell to the market of UAE, you have to pay the customs duty.

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